Jane Clanton Bick, M.Ed. has over thirty years experience as a mind/body educator and therapist. Jane has received gold standard training in the field of movement and wellness education and coaching. Jane is international certification as an Alexander Technique practitioner and Somatic Movement Therapist. Jane is also Wellcoaches Health and Wellness Coach, which is an affiliate coaching program of the Harvard Medical School. Jane holds a Masters Degree in Education and has received training in Lifestyle Wellness as well as advanced training in the field of movement and bodywork.

Jane offers courses all around the U.S. including Hawaii in Mind Body Wellness in Action.

Jane’s seminars reach professionals in all professional areas for improved job stress, improved performance.She also offers classes and coaching, for anyone who wants to live life with less stress and strain for improved wellness.

Jane offers training for people in the medical, dental, technology fields, and for business professionals. Jane also specializes in working with professionals in the performing arts, including musicians, actors, and dancers.

Jane has had extensive training in speech, acting, breathing and the specialized skills for performance, which are an essential part of her coaching for anyone who performs for the media.

Jane’s specializes in helping her clients to:

*Reach the highest level of performance in any activity

*Integrate mind and body awareness to reduce stress

*Move with freedom and optimal alignment and posture

*Experience ease, comfort and pain-free movement

*Improve breathing and speaking

*Grain greater vitality and sense of wellbeing

* Enhanced Mental and body awareness for reducing stress